Bill Evick, Founder & CTO
19 June 2017
It’s not just millennials anymore! Increasingly, all of your residents expect to be able to manage their apartment living experience from their phone. Check out this slide from the KPCB Internet Trends report:


Is your customer service keeping pace with these changes in mobile device usage and expectations? Pretend for a moment you are a resident at one of your communities. Ask one of your on-site leasing-team members these questions:

  • Where do I go to pay my rent?
  • Can I pay my rent online with my credit/debit card?
  • Can I apply online?
  • How do I split my rent with my roommate?
  • Can you send me a text with my balance?
  • Can I just send you a picture of my maintenance request?
  • How do I schedule a recurring payment?
  • Can you text me when my package arrives?

What do you think of the answers? What do you you think of your customer experience through a mobile interface? Is it something you would like to experience for yourself?

Of course, you’re still going to get residents, and on-site team members too, who will react to new technology like this:

Don’t let them drive your business practices. The sooner you adopt the future, the better for your customer service.

~ begin sales plug ~

We would like to help you adopt a mobile-first customer service strategy. Resident Anywhere™ is built from the ground up for mobile users. Put it to work for you, and watch your residents take on self-service, reducing your overall management burden.



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