Resident Messaging

Effectively communicate with your residents with our resident messaging tool

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When it comes to communicating with residents, there are three essential components: flexibility, compliance, and good record-keeping. Aptexx gives you all of the tools you need to effectively and efficiently message with residents and prospects from your admin dashboard. From payment reminders to emergency notifications, from prospects to current customers, learn about the many ways Aptexx lets you message.

easy rent payment reminders

Easy Payment Reminders

Help residents miss fewer payments with monthly reminders that rent is due. These messages can be sent through text or email and contain links to the resident portal where they can submit an online rent payment.

All the Ways Aptexx Helps You Communicate

Use your admin dashboard to send messages and have conversations with residents and prospects through text or email.

Resident messaging

Message just one or all of your residents as though you’re reaching out one-on-one. Best of all, the messages are bi-directional so residents can message back and all records are neatly kept in your admin portal.

Prospect messaging

We know that it’s just as important to have clear lines of communication with prospects as it is with current residents. With Aptexx, property managers can impress potential clients and keep track of any prospects.

Group messaging

Create group messages with ease! If you have multiple renters in one property, Aptexx allows you to initiate a group message. Keep everyone on the same page thanks to Aptexx’s messaging tool.

Emergency messaging

No matter the situation, you can stay prepared and communicate clearly with Aptexx. Customers can use their admin portal to send emergency notifications via SMS, email, or robo-call.

Schedule messages

Whether you need to send right now or a week from now, Aptexx can help you get it done.

Custom templates

Branding is important, even with current residents. Make all of your messaging look consistent with custom templates.

Contact sync

If you’re using a property management software that is integrated with Aptexx, you can sync contacts to save time and keep consistent records.

Easy notifications

Never miss a message with Aptexx’s notifications. Your admin dashboard will tell you when a new message has been received without you having to refresh the page.

Resident Messaging Reporting


Aptexx’s robust reporting features allows upper-level management to get a bird’s eye view on how, how often, and when the on-site team communicates with members of each property.

Easy Compliance

You have enough on your plate. That’s why compliance with United States messaging rules is built into Aptexx’s messaging systems. We’ve made it so property managers can focus on property management.

Your Conversation History Is a Click Away

We believe in hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. In cases where a property manager may need to present a message history for internal or legal purposes, Aptexx has made it easy to download historical information from the admin portal.

Resident Messaging

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