Resident Lifecycle Surveys

Connect with your residents and gain valuable feedback by utilizing resident surveys

Increase Engagement With Surveys

Surveys are an incredible way to foster engagement, increase lease renewals, manage your reputation on third-party sites, and stay in-the-know with what renters want and need. Running surveys, however, can be a challenge. Luckily, Aptexx offers an easy-to-use survey platform that gives you actionable results.

By using our in-house questionnaire system, you’ll get better results that are easily tracked and synced with an integrated PMS software. Let Aptexx replace your third-party survey tool to help you save money and engage your residents.

Micro Surveys

Acquire crical resident data with one hyper-relevant queson at a me. It’s quick and easy for you to set up and for the resident to answer. Plus, residents are more likely to respond to a single-queson survey. Sync with an integrated property management system to keep even beer records on your residents.

Resident Micro Surveys

Event-Driven Surveys

Set a cadence and Aptexx will send a survey to residents based on a specific event, like move-in or lease renewal. Simply integrate with your property management software, and you’re a few clicks away from increasing resident engagement and getting valuable data.

Custom Surveys

Have a specific issue you need to collect feedback on? Need a unique event prompt to trigger a survey? Aptexx offers the ability to create custom questionnaires to perfectly suits your needs. You can add up to 10 responses, which includes follow-up quesons. Get valuable, in-depth responses from residents using an online property management platform they know and trust.

Custom Resident Surveys

Lite Reputation Management

Make sure that your property management business is putting its best foot forward when prospects search for you online. Keep your reviews high by automacally asking residents with posive feedback to share on social media or write a review.


Quickly identify problem areas and highlight moments of success across your portfolio with this robust reporting system. You can compare properties, filter by custom tags, or even drill down to specific survey results. Sync with an integrated PMS for a complete picture of what’s happening across your properties!

Resident Survey Reporting
Asset Comparison

Asset Comparison

Do you have one property that’s ranking high in customer satisfaction, and another that’s not hitting the mark? Quickly compare resident satisfaction across the porolio and identify where additional training of employees might be of benefit.

Built-In Follow-Up Questions

Sometimes, a one-question survey just won’t cut it. If you need more information, Aptexx can atomatically ask a follow-up question to a resident based on their answer.

Surveys Integration with Property Management System

Integration With Your PMS

Thanks to our many available PMS integrations, you’ll be able to sync your contacts to your admin portal automatically. You’ll save time and be better organized with the help of Aptexx.

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