Maintenance Requests

Aptexx makes submitting and tracking maintenance requests easy for residents and managers
Resident Maintenance Request

Request for Maintenance

Residents can submit their maintenance requests through the resident portal. Once they complete a simple form, your onsite team will be instantly notified. Residents can even upload any relevant photos, giving your maintenance staff more information and the ability to come to the property more prepared.

Track Requests

Aptexx’s admin portal gives more visibility to what requests are open. Browse any current tasks that all needed details, including unit, resident, location, description, and any included images. It’s an easy way to keep up with your open tasks and make sure that issues are getting resolved quickly.

Easy Reporting

Clear reporting is key when it comes to improving your maintenance staff’s time-to-competition. Property managers can use their admin dashboard to compare maintenance requests across multiple properties or asset groups.

Maintenance Reporting

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