Online Rent Payments

Plus Cash, Check Scanning, Lockbox, and More

Collect integrated rent payments with comprehensive reporting

Pay Online

When it comes to rent payments, more options are always better. In fact, countless industry studies have shown that the more ways your residents have to submit payments, the more likely it is that they’ll pay. That’s why Aptexx offers residents more ways to pay without adding hours to a property manager’s workload. With Aptexx, it’s easy for you and for them.

Collect More Than Just the Rent

Aptexx also allows you to collect application and deposit payments from prospects. Text or email a link to these payers or enable your onsite teams to collect the payment in office.

Fully Integrated

Aptexx is fully integrated with major property management software platforms. We sync with your core accounting system to regularly update resident contact information, charges and amounts due. Let us do the work for you!

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Fully Integrated with Property Management Software

Online Rent Payment Made Easy

Aptexx offers residents more ways to pay without burdening the property manager.


Residents will love the convenience of Aptexx’s easy, one-tap rent payment method. You’ll love the compliant convenience fee solutions that work with debit and all major credit cards. It’s a win-win!


For many of your residents, this is their most cost-effective option. Is your current provider charging your residents extra for ‘expedited’ processing speeds? We don’t do that. Every payment gets processed at the fastest speeds available in the industry.


We’re dedicated to providing options for underbanked residents. With Aptexx, residents can pay their rent in cash at participating retailers rather than purchasing money orders. They’ll have more payment options, and you’ll be able to save processing time.

Check Scanning

Aptexx offers a fast and effective solution for effectively processing paper-based payment methods. No more trips to the bank to deposit checks in person. Aptexx’s check scanning posts payments online, saving your on-site staff hours each week. Plus, property management software integrated with Aptexx can seamlessly sync uploaded checks.


The days of spending hours scanning checks are over. If a resident can’t make it to the office to drop off a check, that’s no problem! With Aptexx, they can mail the check to a secure lockbox. It will then be processed the same as a scanned check.

Flexible Payment Methods

Ask Aptexx about including a flexible payment option in your resident dashboard for no fee to you! It’s easy –rent is paid on time, every time, and the resident will re-pay to the lender on their schedule. The best part? There is zero liability for the property manager.

Mobile Scanning

With the Aptexx mobile app, residents can scan their checks using their phone and post payments directly to the portal. This saves time for both your resident and your staff. It’s the best of both worlds!

Resident Payment Portal

Resident Portal

The Aptexx resident portal is the one-stop place to post or schedule payments and build good credit.

Payment Reminders

Sometimes, payment due dates slip our minds. It happens to the best of us! That’s why we offer residents the ability to schedule payment reminders through the portal. Notifications will go out through text or email reminding them of their upcoming payment.

Rent Reporting

Residents can build up credit score by reporting the positive payments to credit bureaus. Resident can opt-in or opt-out.

Schedule Payments

Residents can schedule payments using card and ACH on the app and the online portal.

Admin Portal

Aptexx also has a comprehensive admin portal for property managers! You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the rent payment portal.


Reconcile payments to your integrated property management software seamlessly thanks to Aptexx’s admin portal.


Enjoy customizable reporting that fits your needs. Keep a sharp eye on how your business is doing by scheduling updates to be delivered to your inbox. Easily filter by fields, including type of property or payment method.

Built-in Chargeback Management

In today’s world, chargebacks are an unfortunate but inevitable side effect of accepting card payments. With Aptexx, however, they’re no longer a chore. When a chargeback is received, you’ll receive an email notification. Simply click the link, upload relevant documents, and you’ll have responded faster than it took for your coffee to get cold. Plus, you’ll be able to see the status of your request in the admin portal.

Aptexx Admin Portal
Aptexx Mobile Application

Aptexx Mobile App Now Available

Aptexx now has an app made for residents but designed with property managers in mind. Now, scheduling payments or submitting maintenance requests are just a few taps away. Meanwhile, property managers can increase engagement with their residents right from their phone.


Pay rent through the app with a card, bank transfer (ACH), mobile check scanning, or even with cash at a participating retailer. Or view payment history or schedule a future payment.


Initiate a maintenance request (with the option to include photos), see the status of an ongoing request, and view request history easily.


Reach out to a property manager to begin a text conversation.


Get notifications of packages or deliveries for pickup at your complex.

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