Package Tracking

Delivery notifications for residents and organized reporting for managers

Alert Residents to Package Deliveries

Reduce office clutter and better serve your residents with the Aptexx package tracking feature. Once logged, notifications of delivery and reminders to pick up their packages are sent to your residents’ smartphones. No more phone calls, countless emails being ignored, or clipboards to sign.

Resident Package Tracking Alerts


Thanks to Aptexx, you won’t need a single shred of paper to log and track resident packages. We give your leasing staff one consolidated interface to save time and reduce your lost package liability.

Automated Reminders

You have much more important items on your to-do list than remind residents to pick up their packages. The Aptexx dashboard lets you configure a custom pickup reminder schedule that fits the needs of your community.
Automated Reminders

Make it Mobile

We know that residents are more likely to see a text messages than an email. That’s why Aptexx allows your team to send pickup reminders straight to their phones. Your residents will appreciate the friendly reminders, and your staff will love how simple it is.

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