No surprises. No hidden fees.

We think the property management software industry should be more transparent with its users. This is our big step in that direction.

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Important: To dispute a charge or fee you must contact your community’s management team directly. Submissions to this form do not in any way substitute any obligations on your part to fully pay your rent on time. The best way to get support in paying your rent is always to contact your community directly.

Dare to compare.

Do you really know how much your current provider(s) cost?

We think the pricing structures for most property management software providers are way too complicated. Here are a few things to look into before making any decision based on price alone.

How much are you paying for ongoing support?
The most important part of Resident Anywhere™ and every feature we offer is the service we provide. In addition to Aptexx Learn, our self-paced training program, we also offer dedicated customer success representatives.  If you’re paying for support, ask yourself, is it really worth it? How many hours did you pay for in the last 6 months? How is that impacting the per-unit costs of the service you are evaluating?
How much are your residents paying for convenience?
Making your residents pay extra for the convenience they experience for free from virtually every other merchant they interact with is a surefire way to hurt your renewal rates, which costs you money you never even see.
How many work hours are you putting into your service?
What is the value of your time? Are you having to supplement the service you are using with dozens of extra steps & work-arounds just to get it to work easily? This is costing you money. Your time is valuable, ask yourself which service is easier to use.