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Effective communication is key to building successful relationships with residents and increasing retention rates. So what’s the best way to keep residents informed and engaged in your community?

Messaging strategies can drastically improve resident satisfaction, build trust, and make life easier for the entire property management team. Consider these messaging strategies to stay connected with your residents.

Reach them via Text Message

Mobile device users are 10X more likely to interact with text messages than push notifications. It helps to reach out to your residents through their preferred method of communication. Texting gives residents a chance to reply quickly, right from their phones. Creating this kind of dialogue gives you a better opportunity to receive and respond to individual concerns.

Encourage Feedback with Surveys

Resident feedback is a property manager’s best resource for improving resident satisfaction and retention rates—but it’s not always easy to collect. Consider a service like Aptexx, which automatically sends your residents engaging micro surveys, collecting data one question at a time. The feedback is stored in a database that you can easily sift through and filter as needed. Incorporating these kinds of surveys into your messaging strategy lets residents know that their feedback is valued.

Personalized Experiences

If you want to keep your residents engaged, personalization is the way to go. Rather than scheduling one mass email, consider tailoring your messages to suit different residents. This doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as it sounds. Invest in a service that lets you send emails with customized content and delivery methods. You can create several email lists based on filters that align with resident lifecycles and preferences. This small touch helps improve satisfaction by giving residents a more personalized experience.

Streamline Packaging

With the rise of Amazon and online shopping, packaging has become an integral part of the resident experience. That means the days of signing clipboards are over (or should be). Tracking down residents to pick up their packages is not only time-consuming for you, it’s inconvenient for them. You can streamline the process by sending digital notifications to residents every time they receive a package. This helps bridge communications and reduce lost package liability.

Plan for Emergency Messaging

In case of emergencies, you must have a plan in place for notifying all affected residents. Because different residents prefer different communication methods, make sure you can send notifications via SMS, email, and Robo-calls. Miscommunication during an emergency can put residents and their property at risk, so finding an infallible strategy for reaching residents is essential.

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