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Fully Integrated

APTEXX Screening™ is fully integrated with every major property management software platform.

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Go beyond the basics with smarter resident screening. Alias identification, tradeline searches and more uncover the information you need to make better decisions.



Fast and accurate, APTEXX Screening runs both standard and customizable searches that deliver results. And they’re always backed by a live-agent review.



One proven source for comprehensive prospect screening. FICO, public records, national eviction… run every kind of search needed to make an FCRA or HUD compliant decision.



Less gray, more green. Powerful predictive modeling looks at an applicant’s past to predict future outcomes. Fewer risks for you. Better revenue predictions for your property management company.

Simplify Screening.

Your staff doesn’t have time to learn another system or process. APTEXX makes screening simple, delivering the information you need to keep things running.

Fully integrated with APTEXX apps

Single sign on (SSO) for screening and resident experience management

Customizable screening by property

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