John Bonds, CTO
25 July 2017
As we start to put the finishing touches on our latest new solution (coming out in August!), we were also able to deliver some much sought after feature enhancements and improvements affecting day-to-day Aptexx users the most. In addition to the awesome improvements below, we also squashed over two dozen small bugs affecting admin users.
Account Number
Automated Chargeback Disputes

This is so big, it got its own blog post! Essentially, we made it easier than ever to dispute a chargeback by making it so you can upload and send documents to the card processor directly through the Aptexx interface, instead of all that email back & forth. Don’t forget to subscribe to the chargeback notification emails!

Routing Number Checks
Advanced Routing Number Validation

Let’s face it, typos happen. Normally, they’re not an issue! But they’re really time consuming and expensive when a resident puts the wrong routing number in when making an eCheck/ACH payment. Working with the ABA, we implemented new checks to help your residents ensure they enter the correct payment information the first time.

Message History PDF

Now you can download a PDF of your conversation history with an individual resident! This will make it a lot easier to update resident files in the unfortunate event that you ever need to take a resident to collections or court.

As always, we took steps to enhance our integrations with our integration partners, as well as squash any small bugs that may have popped up. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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