John Bonds, CTO
10 July 2017
This release is a diverse collection of long sought after features designed to enhance our admin users’ experience.
Important! Bank Account Access Setup Changes

Previously, bank account access was managed on a per-person basis, making setting up a new user time consuming if they needed access to deposit information. We’ve changed that so that bank account access is now tied to account access. If a user has access to an account, they will also have access to the corresponding bank account negating the need for a separate access. This has gone into effect and does not require any changes on your part.

Account Number
Account Number Component

The Account Number component has been added to the Payment workflow. This increases visibility into the account on behalf of which the user is about to make a payment. This is particularly useful for users with multiple accounts, who may be renting multiple apartments, or may have previous accounts.

Account Number
Survey Notes

We made it possible to add internal notes to each survey response you receive. This is designed to help your team coordinate on follow-up, and document how customer service situations were handled by on-site staff. This is the first step towards some additional enhancements coming soon to Surveys that we are really excited about!

As always, we took steps to enhance our integrations with our integration partners, as well as squash any small bugs that may have popped up. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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