Release 20170607
John Bonds, CTO
8 June 2017
You might be wondering, “What’s with the new release name?” That’s how we refer to releases internally. It’s just a simple joining of date fields into a consistent format, YYYYMMDD, that helps us distinguish one release from another, which is really important when you have multiple team members working on different projects at the same time. You’ll notice that these Release Notes appear much shorter as well. That is because, as we announced in our previous blog post, we are now publishing release notes immediately after they happen so that our clients can learn about product enhancements faster.

With every release we put time into resolving small bugs, and improving our integrations with our integration partners. If you have any questions about a specific issue you’ve been having, be sure to reach out to our awesome support team for answers. The best way to get in touch with them is at [email protected]

Tag Box
User Tags
Tagging Enhancements

As you probably know, we have a really cool tagging feature. It makes it really quick & easy to filter your dashboard down to specific views. For example, you can tag each of your communities with their relevant region, and then filter your Survey / Payment Engagement results by Region.

Starting with this release, we are removing our concept of ‘Standard’ vs ‘Custom’ tags. Now all tags are ‘Custom’ tags. Any tags you have applied have been adjusted to reflect this simplification. Now, we can enhance even more what we can do with tags. One big enhancement we’ve added already is the ability to assign user info by Tags.

Select All Option
Select All Option 2
Select All

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the usability of our application, especially for our Admin users, we’ve made it a lot easier to apply different types of settings and configuration to all of your accounts, users, or profiles all at once.

Also, User access can now be determined by tag instead of on a per-account basis. That means that if you add a new property to a tag group, every user assigned to that tag will automatically gain access to the property, the same goes for removing a property from a tag. This new feature, alongside our “Select All” feature below makes user management easier than ever.

Reviews Site Editing
Editing Reviews Site

In response to some help requests we received, we made it easier to configure the Reviews sites you would like prompted for each community. Remember to link to the specific landing pages for your communities on sites like and Google!

In addition to these feature enhancements, we also spent time squashing bugs, and proactively gathering feedback from our clients for future feature development. As always, we are open to your suggestions! If you’re curious about what we are planning, or have a question about how to take advantage of these and other new features, be sure and each out to us at [email protected]

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