John Bonds, CTO
6 December 2017
November was all about working with our clients to identify bugs, blind-spots, and usability enhancements for each of our solutions.
Tagging Enchancements
Tag Report Enhancements

Tagging is an immensely useful tool built into the core of Aptexx. Tags make it really easy to filter views, dashboards, and reports down to what you care about most. This release introduce a series of enhancements to our tagging tool to make it easier for users to see what accounts have been tagged with each tag, without having to leave the tagging interface.

Payment Reminders for ResMan residents
Payment Reminders for ResMan

Our ResMan users may now notice that their residents will now be prompted to configure their payment reminder and account settings. We worked closely with the Resman team to make this possible and convenient for everyone. More reminders = more on-time rent = everyone wins!

As always, we took steps to enhance our integrations with our integration partners, as well as squash any small bugs that may have popped up. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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