Release Notes
John Bonds, CTO
9 April 2017
In March we made some adjustments to our development process in order to optimize our development team performance. Now, instead of weekly releases, we will be shipping new code every two weeks. This gives us more time for our Q/A team to ensure our product is both bug-free and easy for our users to adopt without being overwhelmed.
Here are a just a few of the many improvements we made. If you have any questions about how to take advantage of these new features, be sure and let us know!
emergency messages
Emergency Notifications

We have added Emergency Notifications back into Resident Anywhere™ Messaging! In emergency situtations only you can now simultaneously email, text, and robo-call residents to help them get to safety. Please don’t use emergency notifications for anything that is not life or property threatening. No one likes a Woof 😉


Duplicate Payment Warnings & Notifications

Dealing with duplicate payments is frustrating. To mitigate this frustration, we’ve added advanced detection checks to determine whether or not the user may be attempting a duplicate payment. If detected, we will present the user with a warning and the information they need. We will also notify you, the property manager, if we detect what we think may be a duplicate payment so you can step in and Void the payment if necessary. This is a very powerful tool for preventing chargebacks, refunds, NSF’s, and more!

Duplicate Payments: Please note that your user account must be subscribed to receive this notification. We don’t automatically subscribe all users to receive this.

Scheduled Payment Method Creation

Now your residents can add new payment methods while on the same screen they use to setup payment schedules. We also introduced some very helpful prompts and text to help them understand how scheduled payments work.

Better Phone Number Type Identification

Some phone carriers proactively provision what used to be landlines into mobile numbers. This can confuse phone number type (mobile vs. landline) detection mechanisms for a loop. Now we are better equipped for supporting residents using carriers like Cricket Wireless.

Draft Timeout Prevention
Draft Timeout Prevention

Need more time to compose your messages? No problem. We normally have to ask you to re-auth very frequently for security purposes, but we’ve extended this period for when you are drafting messages.

Support Tools

Honestly, we want our solutions to work so well that you never have to contact our support team. When you do though, we now have a bevy of new, advanced, internal tools and monitors designed to help you get on with your day and solve problems faster.

Micro Payments

Sometimes residents need to pay tiny balances, less than a dollar. Most payment companies don’t support this, but, where supported by your channel processor, we do! Contact your customer success team member today if you would like to configure this.

Integration Improvements

We made continued enhancements to our integrations with Yardi, ResMan, and MRI Property Management Software platforms. We don’t just integrate, we partner. Learn more about our integration partners here!


In addition to these feature enhancements, we also spent time squashing bugs, and proactively gathering feedback from our clients for future feature development. As always, we are open to your suggestions! If you’re curious about what we are planning, or have a question about how to take advantage of these and other new features, be sure and each out to us at [email protected]

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