Release Notes
John Bonds, CTO
9 February 2017
January was a very productive month for us. With Aptexx Conversations™ complete, we were able to focus our efforts on fine-tuning each of our solutions with the feedback we received from our clients.
Here are a just a few of the many improvements we made. If you have any questions about how to take advantage of these new features, be sure and let us know!
Overall Satisfaction

Our new Executive Dashboard shows a simple, overall satisfaction widget instead of just the general results. This should give you a better overall picture of your communities’ survey results.

Integration Improvements

We made continued enhancements to our integrations with Yardi, ResMan, and MRI Property Management Software platforms. We don’t just integrate, we partner.


Quick Messaging

Now you can quickly and easily send group messages directly from the People and Transactions reports.

Duplicate Survey Controls

For those sending surveys manually, we now automatically block duplicate survey sending to residents on a rolling 30-day basis. This will help you keep from over-surveying residents.


resident profile functions
Resident Profile Functions

We’ve added more functionality on the Resident Profile page. Now you can easily accept payments and submit work orders for residents, directly from the Resident Profile Page.

group text warning
Group Texting Controls

With great power comes great responsibility. We added more controls to help ensure that group texting is used responsibly. Whenever group texting is not used responsibly, it results in residents unsubscribing. Our simple controls make it easy for your management team to understand what the best medium is for different messages in different scenarios.

sorting options
List Sorting

Now you can easily sort lists! Simply click on the column header you want to sort. If its sortable it will be blue, and will update the list after you click it!

permissions options
Permissions Updates

We updated our permission capabilities in order to allow administrators in supervisory roles better control over which users can take in person payments through the Create Payment permission. We also updated permissions involving messaging, group messaging, surveys, and reporting. Permissions are very powerful, so be sure to talk to one of our customer success reps if you have any questions.

permissions options
Enhanced Scheduled Payment Controls

Sometimes our residents setup scheduled payments, and then forget how to edit or delete them in their resident profile, and then get upset when they go through. We’ve made it easier for you to troubleshoot this by enhancing the details you can see about a scheduled payment, and also remove them if appropriate. This functionality is subject to permissions!

maintenance profile page
Maintenance Request Profiles

We now have a dedicated page for every maintenance request. We will include a link to this profile in any notifications sent to Admins about new or updated maintenance requests. In the near future we will populate this link into your PMS, where supported by our integration partners.

Improved Account Search Options

Depending on your integration and service level, we can now offer more ways for users to find their account when they first register. This will help with initial roll-outs!

In addition to these feature enhancements, we also spent time squashing bugs, and proactively gathering feedback from our clients for future feature development. As always, we are open to your suggestions! If you’re curious about what we are planning, or have a question about how to take advantage of these and other new features, be sure and each out to us at [email protected]

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