April & May
Release Notes
John Bonds, CTO
25 May 2017
As you may have noticed, we’ve made a small change to how we release updates to Aptexx. Starting in April, we optimized our release schedule around the typical property-management workflow. Now, our releases are in the middle of the week, and in the middle of the month. This helps all of us have a better experience with our software. To adjust for that, we will begin publishing release notes following each release, going forward. With that,  here is a recap of April & May!
Pre Delivery Check
Yardi NSF Export

When we receive notification of an NSF (insufficient funds), we can now configure your Yardi Integration profile to automatically export the NSF into Yardi. This should save you a ton of time!

Pre Delivery Check
Pre-Delivery Check

Messaging your residents is really important. Sending the right resident the right message, well, that’s even more important! Otherwise, you end up fielding dozens of questions and wasting time. We added this pre-delivery check to help make sure you know exactly how many messages you’re about to send out.

payment memo
The Payment Memo

We’ve added a new, optional, field that can be filled out by the resident when he/she is making a payment: memo! You can name this field anything you want, if ‘note’ or ‘reminder’ sounds better to you, we can make that change for your account. The whole goal is to give the resident the ability to remind themselves what a payment was for when they look back in their payment history.

Major Check Scanning Enhancements

We dramatically improved both the speed and consistency of our check scanning solution. Now you’ll experience much more reliable reads, as and it will process much more quickly than it was.

Check Scanning Assignments
Check Scanning Assignments

Now you can quickly and easily see all the assignments in a scan batch.

User Settings
User Permission Setting

One of the biggest complaints we had amongst clients with a large volume of communities was a difficulty with setting up new users and permissions across multiple account. Now that’s over! With this release, we have made it much easier to create new users, and bulk-apply permissions across any number of accounts.

Surveys Bulk Apply
Bulk Apply Survey Settings

Much like with adding new users, we’ve added the ability to bulk-apply Survey settings for all of your communities. This makes it much easier to ensure a consistent experience throughout your portfolio.

Surveys Grouping
Summary Report Filter Grouping

For our Surveys users, we’ve grouped your different filter options by type, to make it easier to select how you want to summarize your survey results.

Platform Retirement

We are excited to officially announce the retirement of our V1 platform. As of May, all of our clients are now on our V2 platform, and all residents are using our V2 services. Thank you so much for your patience during the migration process!

In addition to these feature enhancements, we also spent time squashing bugs, and proactively gathering feedback from our clients for future feature development. As always, we are open to your suggestions! If you’re curious about what we are planning, or have a question about how to take advantage of these and other new features, be sure and each out to us at [email protected]

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