Brayden Adams, Product Manager
24 July 2017
We get this question a lot: “What is a chargeback?”, so we thought we’d take a few minutes here to discuss them and show you all the functionality we’ve built to help you reduce their frequency.
A chargeback is a dispute filed by a cardholder, resulting in a reversal of the funds paid BACK to the cardholder. When a chargeback occurs, the resident’s card company/bank pulls the funds back and gives them to the resident. Aptexx doesn’t charge the resident a fee for this, since we don’t have a contract with residents. We do assess a small fee to the property when a chargeback occurs. This fee covers our cost to facilitate any dispute against the chargeback (and ideally win it, so you get the funds back). Most companies charge $50 each or more for chargebacks, and even higher fees for second-presentment chargebacks.

When do chargebacks occur?

  • An applicant is not approved for a unit, and disputes their application fees (usually under the reason “services not provided” or “services not as described”)
  • A resident moves out but neglects to cancel their Autopay (“Cancelled Recurring Transaction”)
  • A Joint account holder, or other payer doesn’t recognize a charge (for example, a resident’s Mother pays his rent, then forgets doing so, and when she sees the bank statement she doesn’t recognize the charge)
  • Extremely Rare cases of true fraud

In the event that you do have to dispute a chargeback, we’ve made that easy for you.


Chargeback Notifications

Subscribing to chargeback notifications is super easy. Simply go to your user profile and turn the Chargeback Risk switch to the green On position for the accounts for which you want to be alerted.

Chargeback Notifications

Here is what a chargeback notification email looks like. Simply click ‘Review Docs’ to be taken to the payment details screen where you can begin the chargeback dispute process.

Payment Details

Disputing Chargebacks used to be a manual process involving our support team and a ton of email correspondence. To make this easier, this is now an automated process that can be done entirely within the application. From this screen, simply click the ‘Add attachment’ button to start the process.

Upload Attachments

Users can upload any PDF, PNG, or DOC files they want to use to support their Chargeback Dispute claim.

Submit for Review

When you’ve uploaded all of your supporting documentation, simply click submit for Review

Submitting your documents for review sends your documents to our Card Payment Processor to begin the dispute process. The payer’s card-issuing bank has 60 days to approve or deny the chargeback dispute that is filed. If the dispute is approved and the chargeback is overturned, the funds will appear in your bank account.


If you have any other questions about how they work, or how to dispute them, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team! If your current payment processor charges you exorbitant chargeback processing fees, and doesn’t make it easy to dispute them, then contact our sales team immediately. We want to help you fix that!

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